By Chintu Malambo,

As global mobility increases, it is becoming common for landowners to reside outside of their home country  because they have invested in commercial or other real estate.

Zambians who own land within the country but are living abroad would be able to acquire their title deed through Medici Land Governance if their property is on State land and within the areas where the enumeration is being done.

The landowner is, however, required to obtain a Power of Attorney from the courts or Commissioner for Oaths. This should be given to a trusted person who would obtain the title on their behalf.

This also applies to landowners living within Zambia but in  remote areas .

 To complete the process, the landowner needs to write a letter to the Commissioner of Oath indicating their NRC number, address of their property, and reasons for their unavailability. The chosen Attorney will then have to get a judicial stamp from the Commissioner for Oaths

The landowner is required to send a clear copy of their NRC, passport size photos, and physical documentation that show proof of ownership.

At the point of enumeration, the person mandated with the Power of Attorney should be physically present at the property because the capturing can not be done without a clear indication of the property boundaries.

Upon successful capture, the normal procedure of verification and receiving of the Offer Letter  follows,  with the eventual Certificate of Title being issued  in the land owner’s name.