Household properties that have belonged toa family for a long time often carry emotional attachment and rightfully require heirs to the property to obtain a Certificate of Title.

 The first thing to be addressed in obtaining a Title Deed for a house left by a deceased family member under the Systematic Land Titling Programme is identifying who has the legal responsibility to be the administrator of the property. The chosen individual must have an Order of Appointment of Administrator from the courts.

 Land owners in the demarcation areas often turn to local courts because they are easily accessible, flexible, simple, fast, and informal, and they do not have strict rules of procedure. Orders of Appointment of Administrator can even be obtained in less than a day at the local courts. 

 Becoming an administrator requires accompaniment by three other relatives to the nearest local court where one seeks to obtain an Order of Appointment.

The statutory prescribed fee for obtaining an Order of Appointment at a local court is K50.10.

 Medici Land Governance enumerators will then require the administrator and every other beneficiary of the property to sign a consent form at the point of enumeration.

The Order of Appointment of Administrator and your original NRC must then be presented to the enumerator, alongside any of the following documentation: 

  • Invitation to treat
  • Offer Letter
  • Land Record Card
  • Occupancy License
  • Utility Bill (Electricity or Water)
  • Council Rate Bill
  • Letter of Sale
  • Deed of Gift