On 28th October, 2020, Zambia’s Lands and Natural Resources Minister Jean Kapata launched a project to deliver four million titles under the National Land Titling Programme in partnership with Medici Land Governance. Ministers of Justice, Livestock and Gender as well as Provincial Ministers from Southern, Copperbelt and Central attended the colorful ceremony in Lusaka, Zambia. Ms Kapata said the project would be undertaken by the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources in collaboration with Medici Land Governance, which would provide all the financing for the roll out, on a fee-based contract. The Minisiter said it is her Governments desire to see millions of Zambia acquire Certificates of Title in order to have access to finances and security of tenure. Medici Land Governance’s Country Manager Didier Sagashya told guests at the launch that Mecidi will strive to promote economic development and full financial inclusion by helping individuals in developing countries to establish formal ownership of their property.